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The Golf Aid is the last golf training device you will ever need and it helps improve your balance, posture, accuracy, and launching ability.

The Golf Aid helps you shift your hips so your body starts to feel what it is doing.

Doing this repetitively leads to improving your muscle memory. And after a while swinging fluently starts to feel as easy as tying your shoe.

Below you will see a video of how to use the Golf Aid with multiple clubs, how to disassemble the device, and how to move with the Golf Aid.

How To Use The Golf Aid

    The Golf Aid is going to change the game of Golf forever, and will make average golfers competitive. Here are a few benefits as a result of using the Golf Aid:

  • The shortcut to having better posture in your swing.

  • Quickly develop a consistent swing... even if you have struggled for years

  • Increase your accuracy while swinging.

  • Develop a better flow through the strike zone.

  • Improve your launching ability

How To Move With The Golf Aid

Missed some of the training or want to rewatch — click the link below.

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