About Us

After serving in the Navy and attending college in San Diego, I filed for a business license and opened my first business. It was a plant and macramé shop where I sold plants to hospitals, residence and at swap meets. After moving back to Indianapolis, Indiana, I worked with Indiana National Bank by day and as a mechanic by night. I learned auto detailing and filed for a business license where I leased space in a parking garage and have been detailing at that location for 33 years. One year at my detail shop a friend who introduced and promoted the 1st Tee program, drove up in need of a parking space. To my surprise, Tiger Woods' father and his assistant were with him. I immediately introduced myself and got a parking space for them. After we talked, I got more involved with golf and volunteered to assist the golf pro that headed the youth program for disadvantaged children at Douglass Golf Course in Indianapolis, Indiana. Later in the year, Tiger Woods book came out "How I Play Golf," and it included pictures of his full swing in sequence. My wife purchased the book and gifted it to me and I attempted to implement his tactics with the kids at the program. As I watched the children and I struggle with keeping our arms straight, swinging with posture & balance; it pushed me to design a device that attaches your driver and fits over your shoulder to help keep your arms straight and swing the golf club just as Tiger Woods intended. This inspired me to create a prototype, file for a patent, business license, and start the clothing line you now know as Golf-Aid Clothing.


Tiger Woods' father in the middle, and I am far right in blue shirt.